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Customer Testimonials

A luxury limo ride is just what the doctor ordered. Or so I believe. Every moment I spent in the executive limo for airport transfer was well worth the money. From the moment I slipped into the cozy seats till the time Chris (chauffeur) opened the door in front of my hotel, I felt like I am in a luxury spa in an exotic country. The world moved slow and everything seemed beautiful. Totally awesome service at such an affordable prices. I would recommend them anytime! Thank you guys for giving me this experience.

– Brandon Maren, Toronto.


I would like to warn  you that after riding in their limos, you would not want to see your car. Your personal car will seem small and featureless. The way you are treated and made to feel special is intoxicating. And speaking of intoxication, the in-car bar was great. Never even once did the wine spilled over. Amazing ride, smooth seats was all that was there on my mind.

– Guerra Eugynie


I have a huge family. Distant relatives take the total to around 28. So, planning a family holiday always becomes a nightmare. But Toronto-Limo handled this situation like a piece of cake. They had large limo bus for 40 passengers. Everyone had a gala time on our trip to Niagara Falls. Being Canadians, it was our yearly ritual. But this time it was different. I was wishing the trip to never end. I wanted to revel in the luxury of the party bus forever. Everyone praised my choice. Thank to you guys, I am the new star of my family.

– Matthew Miller


Carla and I always dreamed of leaving the wedding venue is a stretch limo. Toronto-Limo helped us realize the dream with their exclusive wedding limos. I will always cherish the ride back home with me and Carla in the plush leather seats of your limos.

– Franonyov Krazisky


I hired these guys for receiving and delivering my important client to the meeting venue. They provided excellent services. I sealed the deal immediately. The client said praises about the airport limo transfer from Toronto-Limo. I could tell he was telling the truth since he had no jet-lag and was feeling fresh as ever. Kudos to your services. Thank you very much guys!

– Kelly Mills Dovark

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